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When it's about YOUR HEALTH, then we are YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE because with the attractive services and benefits that we offer, we ensure that you will receive exactly the health benefits that you need in each life situation.

Mandatory insurance and the right to choose

German employees must be insured in a statutory health insurance company when their annual gross income is lower than 60.750 euros (2019). This means that you must take out insurance in one of the approximately 100 statutory health insurance companies, but you can choose in which one you would like to become a member. If your annual gross income is above that amount, then employees can voluntarily become members in a statutory health insurance company.

Your insurance premium

The amount of your monthly health insurance premium depends on how much you earned: The general premium rate, which is the same for all health insurance companies, is 14.6 percent of your gross income. Your employer pays one-half of this amount and you pay the other half. In addition, statutory health insurance companies require their members to pay an "individual additional health insurance premium", which in 2019 is 0.9 percent on average. At SKD BKK, you pay an additional premium of 1,4 percent – and for a range of services with many extras.

Free family insurance

At SKD BKK, your spouse and your children are already insured without paying premiums, as long as they have little or no income and provided they have no insurance of their own.

The most important benefits required by law

What statutory health insurance companies offer is largely prescribed – and at SKD BKK, you naturally receive all of these statutory benefits. Here, we will only list the most important ones:

• Medical and dental treatment

When there are acute symptoms or also for preventing health problems, you are entitled to receive extensive treatment from a physician or dentist and allowed to be treated individually. Basically, you can choose freely from among all licensed healthcare professionals you trust to take care of your health. Just submit your electronic health card in the practice and SKD BKK will take care of your treatment costs.

• Hospital treatment

Whether in an emergency or in a scheduled treatment – if you have to undergo inpatient treatment in the hospital, then SKD BKK stands up for you. The costs for hospital treatment, care, medications and stay are billed directly to us through your electronic health card. You only have to pay the statutory surcharge of 10 euros for up to 28 days per calendar year.
And just like the outpatient treatment with the doctor, you can basically once again choose freely from among all licensed facilities in all of Germany.

• Medications

We will always take care of the costs when you need a prescription medication. You can just go to the pharmacy with the prescription and only need to pay the statutory 10% surcharge (at least 5 euros, no more than 10 euros).
However, there are legally specified fixed amounts for some medication or active ingredients. This means that you will have additional expenses if the medication of your choice exceeds the fixed amount, but there are always alternatives without additional charge. Your doctor will gladly inform you of the alternatives.

• Sickness benefit in case of disability

If some day you are sick for an extended period and therefore cannot work, then at least thanks to us you don't have to worry about your livelihood because our sickness benefit provides financial security.

As employee in Germany, you are first of all basically entitled to the continued payment of your employer for a certain time period even if you are unable to work because of illness. The technical term for this is "continued remuneration" and as a rule you are entitled to receive it for six weeks.

As soon as the continued remuneration ends, you get the sickness benefit from us. This amounts to 70 percent of the last gross earnings or up to 90 percent of the net earnings. Even one-time payments such as holiday pay or Christmas bonus are proportionately considered in the calculation. The sickness benefit entitlement exists for up to 78 weeks for one and the same illness.

Important: So you can receive the continued remuneration form the employer and afterwards the sickness benefit from us, a doctor must confirm your sickness with the "Certificate of Disability", in which he also indicates how long you have been sick and what you have.

Extra benefits of SKD BKK – for your health

In addition to the statutory benefits, as SKD BKK customer you can also take advantage of the numerous additional benefits – for which you don't have to pay extra. They include:

• FitPlus bonus program – We reward health-conscious behavior with health premiums for the entire family!
• Active weeks and weekend courses – 250 euros a year for courses at your place of residence or for special health trips!
• Worldwide vaccine protection – We also pay the vaccination costs for private holiday travels abroad!
• Osteopathy – We contribute up to 210 euros per year to pay for the costs for this form of therapy!
• Family budget – Up to 200 euros for more prevention and safety during pregnancy!
• GesundPlus elective rate – Premium rebate of up to 550 euros if you did not have to go to the doctor or went just for prevention!


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